Host a Party - 3 DIFFERENT ways!

When you host an online party, book party or home gathering with Close To My Heart you receive so many AMAZING goodies directly from this WONDERFUL company!

If you are interested in being a hostess to earn the AMAZING, QUALITY products from Close To My Heart…please Contact me!! J

There are 4 ways YOU can have the privilege of being a Close To My Heart Hostess!
1. Online gatheringspread the word to your friends, far & near, and let them browse the online Idea Book! You may direct them to my blog for samples of artwork using CTMH products. J Each person will go to my website ( and click on YOUR  party link to place their orders.
When they click the “join” button to your party link, the orders that they place, will be shipped directly to them. When your party date is over, I will get in contact with you and we will figure our what your final sales total is…and then it’s time for YOU to go shopping!! Party rewards start when your sales reach $150…and it only INCREASES from there!

2. Book party- Receive a few Idea Books from me and then take these BEAUTIFUL Idea books to show & share with your family, neighbors and friends! Gather their orders together, and when you are finished sharing CTMH, give me a call and we will place your order or if you are local, we can set up a time to meet to get the orders. All orders will be sent directly to you as the hostess and you can then deliver them to your family & friends.

3. Home GatheringA FUN, girls night out where we chat together and find out what QUALITY products Close To My Heart has to offer for our creating needs. 

 I always bring a sampling of products for you to touch and see AND we always take time to create a simple card that will be yours to keep for FREE!!! J After our night is concluded, we set up a time that is best for you to talk in a day or so, in case there are any other people you want to touch base with prior to closing your gathering. 

 After you know your final hostess sales total…it’s off to your wish list and choose what items you would like to receive for being a HOSTESS at a Close To My Heart show!!

4. Facebook Party– A FUN, time, where we can VIEW these fabulous products together - on Facebook!!  Schedule a time & invite your friends to join us to learn more about what Close To My Heart has to offer for our creating needs.   We'll show products, answer questions & have a GREAT time and you will benefit from the orders received through that party!! Contact me for more details....

****Take a peek at a few of the NEW 
2018 Hostess ONLY stamp sets by clicking on Holiday Expressions Idea book photo below!****

As a hostess you get the opportunity to get REDUCED prices on stamp sets that are ONLY available for HOSTESSES!!!!  

CHECK out these EXCLUSIVE stamp sets on the front pages of our  2018 fall Holiday Expressions Idea Book. 

This chart below show you the REWARDS that you will receive when you host ANY of the of GATHERINGS listed above!!!J

Rewards start at $150 in salesand when you reach the $250 mark you get FREE hostess items PLUS a 1/2 price item!!! 

 The rewards only INCREASE from there!!!  It really IS that easy! J

Are you CURIOUS as to what you as a HOSTESS can choose as 1/2 price items??J

As a hostess, you are privileged to ANY item of YOUR CHOICE from the current Idea Book!!!!!

You may  decide to chose a Cricut Collection Bundle (yes- that's legal!)- 12x12 album,any Stamp set,Organizers - just to name a few! 

Recently, Kristina at CTMH Home Office, created this FABULOUS video - telling you ALL the details of being a CTMH Hostess!!  

Enjoy this video as YOU TOO, learn how AMAZING it is to be a Hostess with Close To My Heart!!!

Each month - CTMH has an extra BONUS for our Hostess!!!J

When you reach the monthly BONUS will receive a product for FREE - just for reaching that level!! Yes, that's on TOP of all the other goodies you receive as a CTMH hostess!!

For is a sample of what you received in Sept 2018....

One MORE fabulous Opportunity you have as a CTMH Hostess...J

The "FREE" money you accrue when you are a CTMH Hostess, you can use this dollar amount as CREDIT, and use it towards the cost of a New Consultant Kit. How AMAZING is that?!?!!! 
For instance…if you have a $350 party – you could put your $60 Hostess Rewards Money towards a new consultant kit & pay the difference of $15 (plus shipping & tax)!! 

I'd be HAPPY to chat and answer any questions you may have.  

Contact me to answer those questions OR to schedule your own home gathering today. J

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