Thursday, February 23, 2012

GREAT February Deal- only 6 more days!

I can’t BELIEVE how fast February is flying by!!  It has been a BUSY but EXCITING month and because of that, I haven’t been able to blog as much as I was planning.  Don’t worry – I have LOTS of projects that need to be shared and can’t wait to do that soon! J

I did want to make sure that you didn’t MISS your CHANCE on the
WONDERFUL February special! J 

This month with Studio J, you will receive…

Five for Free
Buy a Studio J® 5-pack, get one 5-pack free!
Feb 2012 Five for Free_ImageGallery
This is a GREAT time to TRY Studio J!! 
How does it work? 
Normally, a Studio J 5 -pack consists of:
*5 two- page layouts, 5 Memory Protectors, and free shipping and handling and costs $55.00
During the month of February –
you will get TWO 5-packs for only $55.00!!!!
Some other questions you may have….
Can I give the 5-packs as gifts?
Yes. When you purchase 5-packs in person I will give you a 5-pack card(s)  that include the 16-digit code you will use at checkout.  You can easily give a 5-pack as a gift by giving the gift recipient one of the 5-pack cards. If you want to order without seeing me in person – that’s FINE.   I will need your email address and when I place your order, a code will be emailed to you with the activation code for the 5-packs.  You can then gift a 5-pack by giving one of the 16-digit codes to the recipient.
How much do my customers save with this promotion?
If a Studio J member were to purchase 10 layouts and Memory Protectors, it would cost $65. If a customer were to buy two 5-packs at regular price, it would cost $110. If a customer were pay full retail price for two shipments of five layouts and Memory Protectors each, it would cost $148.40. Thus, your customers save between $10 and $93.40 when they take advantage of this deal! Studio J  -Five for Free chart - Feb 2012

Do I get free JPG files of each of my layouts purchased with 5-packs?
JPG files are a benefit of having a Studio J membership. If you are a Studio J member, you will get free JPG files of every layout you purchase on Studio J, whether you use a 5-pack code or simply purchase your layouts. If you are not a member, you will not receive JPG files with your layouts.

As you can see …
– this is the PERFECT time to TRY Studio J!!!!  J 

I love the fact that EVERYTHING is included with Studio J - there is NO EXTRA CHARGE for any “extra” items when it comes to embellishments, stickers, papers, etc.!!! It’s all included in the cost!!

Another question I often receive is…
Can I try it before I buy?
Yes, YES and YES!  I think this is one of BEST aspects of Studio J!!!  You don’t have to COMMIT to anything before you buy!!!! 
If you would like to learn MORE about STUDIO J, feel free to CLICK HERE where you can PLAY FOR FREE !!  I encourage you to create an account when you “play”– this doesn’t obligate you to purchase anything BUT it DOES save your layouts for 90 days IF you chose to become a Studio J member.

To learn MORE details about Studio J, please feel free to CLICK HERE to learn more about Studio J OR call, email or text me with any questions you may have!

I do OFFER one-on-one OR group classes to teach the basics with Studio J. We can do it in person OR online together!

Another great resource is to watch the Studio J videos that Close To My Heart creates. These are FILLED with helpful tips and I learn something every time I watch them!!! CLICK HERE to start watching.

If you’d like to get your Studio J pages started right away… CLICK HERE ! J
Have fun creating and remember…I’m just a phone call or text away!!!
February Stamp of the Month stamp set
Feb 2012_SOM_text
Click here to see some ideas using this ADORABLE stamp set!

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