Saturday, June 30, 2012

A week with our Youth Group

Hi everyone! 
Sorry for the dry spell on my blog this week. I haven’t posted much because we have been with our church’s youth group in central Florida, helping out a boys camp for the week!

We have had soo much fun, but it’s also been neat to work together and see the changes and improvements that we were able to create at the camp!   The group worked hard and we were able to accomplish so much during our weeks stay in Florida!

Here is a picture of our wonderful group of youth kids that went and did service for the week
Youth - Gator camp youth group picture
It rained a lot the beginning of this past week – but we now realize how blessed we were to have rain!  Yes, it may have slowed down our work…but it also made Florida much cooler and a lot easier to bear!!!  Thank you Lord! J

We were working at an all boys camp in Punta Gorda, FL. 
Youth - Gator camp boys campsite
This is one of the campsites that the boys have created by themselves!  When they create with their own hands, they own the camp and take wonderful care of it!!  It is amazing the beautiful things they have made!

This camp helps boys who have things to work through and the boys need to be willing to commit to come to camp to learn to work together, learn how to solve problems, and learn the basics of life and getting along!

We did a LOT of different things this week…

I have a lot of pictures of the girls – since that’s who I was working with – but the guys did work too! LOL!! 

Let me share a few pictures of tasks we accomplished…

Cleaning the library and defrosting freezer
Youth - Gator camp cleaning library

We did some weed pulling in this picture…by the end of our time there, this flower bed was mulched, it was  bigger and had palm trees planted in it too! J

Youth - Gator camp girls mulching

The guys built a pole shed lean to…
Youth - Gator camp pole shed

We even had time to relax and have fun!  

The church where the boys were camped out for the week, had Bible School that week and created a masking tape four square inside…a nice relief from the outside, humid, Florida weather. 
Youth - Gator camp four square at church

Our last afternoon at camp, we had finished all the work they had for our group, so we had a free afternoon and we made use of the 12 acre pond on the camps property!!  What a refreshing fun time together!
Youth - Gator camp swimming wave

This is a week that will be forever etched in our memories.  Jesus was with us and protected us many different times throughout this trip, and for this we are so thankful and grateful!  We pray that as a youth group, we will continue to shine for him in all we do and say and look forward to continue to grow closer together as Christian brothers and sisters!! 

Come back to my blog tomorrow (July 1st), as I will be participating in the July Stamp of the Month Blog hop!!  This stamp set with sayings, can be used in many ways and I look forward to going through the hop myself!!

Have a wonderful day and I’ll look forward to seeing you again soon!!

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  1. looks like a lot of fun and hard work as well - been thinking about you and praying for this group! Thanks for the update!


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