Friday, October 26, 2012

Organize your Craft Items with Close To My Heart!

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A new product that CTMH came out with this past August is the NEW, WONDERFUL craft box organizers!!! 

If you know me well, you know I LOVE to organize and baskets, crates, shelving are a weakness for me. J  I was THRILLED when CTMH announced at Convention that we NOW had these NEW organizers!

Organizing is a breeze with the new sturdy, stackable organizers and craft boxes. You’ll always know where to find your supplies—safe and sound in these portable containers!

I LOVE the two organizers I have (so far…LOL! There are definitely more coming to my craft room soon!) 
Organizing clear boxes from CTMH

The organizer shown on the left is the MEDIUM ORGANIZER and is only $16.95!!  Take a look inside…
organizing medium box_my box
I use this handy organizer to carry everything I need for my make n take at my gatherings...PLUS lots more - so I have items to share and show with those that may be new to CTMH!!!
  • The ink pads stack beautifully
  • A compartment holds all my Glitz Glitter Gels, pearl paint, etc 
  • 2 compartments hold RIBBONS….that I use ALL the time! Ok…make that 3 compartments…see the Burlap ribbon?J
  • My NEWEST embellishments are on the bottom left side…along with the NEW Pigment inks! (blog post coming SOON on how to use these!!)
There are 8 different compartments that you can use!!

Take a look at the left side of the organizer…Did you see it????

organizing box_left  compartment
YES- you CAN take out the dividers!!!   Wahoo!!!
Right now I have the left back compartment as a larger compartment.  This is where I store my card sample that we will be making at my gatherings… as well as envelopes FILLED with the pieces for the card you will create at a party!!

You will also see some of our alcohol markers, and our GREAT Bonding Memories glue in this section as well. 

Next, the small organizer
organizing small box_blocks & craft boxes2
At this point I do have my blocks in this case…as I use them the most. However, a 2nd organizer is on my wish list so that I can have a case with EMBELLISHMENTS stored in the CRAFT BOXES too!! J
Would you like to know one of my FAVORITE things about these organizers???

The extra “head” room that is in EACH case!!! LOVE IT!!!

This box actually holds SO much MORE than just our Acrylic blocks in this case!!  Our wonderful CRAFT BOXES will lay on top of the blocks AND the case will still latch and close!!
organizing small box_blocks & craft boxes
Also, I often store my “Make It From My Heart, vol. 1” how-to book on top of my blocks and card bases for my make n take cards fit perfectly in here too!Make it From your Heart book _HowTo_Cover
Options – Options…I LOVE options!!!

****Take a moment to see these organizers in action, as Brian shows us these AMAZING Organizers with a WONDERFUL video!!!

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Enjoy the video and have a WONDERFUL day!!! J

Blessings to you!
Krista Hershberger J

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