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Retiring Products from Close To My Heart!!

Hi everyone!!  Ice Cream Sundae
It’s that time of year, when we learn what items are being discontinued in the Close To My Heart product line!

While it may be sad to see some of these products go- I am SO EXCITED to see what NEW PRODUCTS CTMH will soon have to share with us!! Wahoo!! 

August 1st is the debut of our NEW 2014 Fall/Winter Idea Book…and you want to make SURE you set that day aside!!

In the meantime…check out this RETIRING LIST & make sure you choose the items you’d like BEFORE THEY ARE GONE!!  

The paper packs are often the items that sell out first! 

CLICK HERE for the updated list of retiring items. 


CTMH 2014 Retiring Products List 

Hostess Collections – ½ Price Bundles 

HB1059 Hostess Collection 1 

HB1060 Hostess Collection 2 

HB1061 Hostess Collection 3 


Item # Description 

Z1789 Chalkboard 12" x 12" Sheet, Adhesive-backed 

Z1832 Spinner 

Z1843 Irresistibles™ Frames 

Z1844 Color-Ready Trinkets Wooden Shapes 

Z1858 Irresistibles™ Hexagons 

Z1863 Color-Ready Midtown Cork Shapes 

Z1039 Create A Shade Pearl Paint 

Z1825 Keyboard Kraft Alphabet 

Z1835 Tiny Type Epoxy Alphabet 

Z1961 Marquee Enamel Shapes–White 

Z1891 Base & Bling Teal Jewels 

Z1892 Base & Bling Black Jewels 

Z1893 Base & Bling Red Jewels 

Z1894 Base & Bling Pink Jewels 

Z1895 Base & Bling Purple Jewels 

Z1837 Mini-Medley Accents Wooden Collection 

Z1702 Baker's Twine Paradise Assortment 

Z1751 Harvest Baker's Twine 

Z1760 Burlap Ribbon 

Z1808 Outdoor Denim Chevron Ribbon 

Z1817 Slate Polka-Dot Washi Tape 

Z1826 Hollyhock Zipper Lace 

Z1846 Ruby Chevron Ribbon 

Z1850 Lagoon Houndstooth Washi Tape 

Z1867 Jute Ribbon 

Z1917 Lagoon Zipper Lace 

Z1930 Chocolate Woodgrain Washi Tape 

Z1911 Designed Décor Frame Kit 

Z1874 Base & Bling Necklace 

Z1875 Base & Bling Cuff 

Z1876 Base & Bling Hair Clips 

Z1877 Base & Bling Rings 

Z1878 Base & Bling Headband 

Z1195 My Creations Memory Showcase 6x6 

Z1647 My Creations® Card Box 

Z1797 My Creations® Bracket Frame 

Z1868 My Creations® Kraft Ring Box 

Z1870 My Creations® Kraft Pocket Album 

X1404 TrueFit Folios (5) 

Z1820 For Always Textiles 

Z1885 Sarita Textiles 

Z1970 Skylark Textiles 

Z1971 Jubilee Textiles 

1514 Tombow Adhesive 

1515 Tombow Adhesive Refill 

Z1311 Circle Punch 1 1/4 

Z338 Euro Personal Paper Trimmer 

Z1114 Piercing Tool Kit 

12x12 Albums 

Item # Description 

Z1343 12 x 12 Post Bound Album- Cranberry 

Z1344 12 x 12 Post Bound Album- Hollyhock 

Z1345 12 x 12 Post Bound Album- Black 

Z1348 WIP 12x12 Album- Chocolate 

My Reflections Papers, Complements, Workshop on the Go 

Item # Description 

Z3002 Ariana Assortment 

X7179C Ariana Dimensional Elements Complements 

G1074 Ariana Kit Workshops on the Go® 

X7179B Ariana Paper Packet 

Z1869 Babycakes Assortment 

X7173C Babycakes Complements Canvas Shapes 

X7173B Babycakes Paper Packet 

Z3003 Balloon Ride Assortment 

X7180C Balloon Ride Dimensional Elements Complements 

G1075 Balloon Ride Kit Workshops on the Go® 

X7180B Balloon Ride Paper Packet 

Z3001 Ivy Lane Assortment 

G1073 Ivy Lane Kit Workshops on the Go® 

X7178C Ivy Lane My Stickease® Assortment 

X7178B Ivy Lane Paper Packet 

G1079 Ivy Lane Workshops on the Go® Cardmaking Kit 

Z3004 Jubilee Assortment 

X7181C Jubilee Dimensional Elements Complements 

G1076 Jubilee Kit Workshops on the Go® 

X7181B Jubilee Paper Packet 

Z1854 Laughing Lola Assortment 

X7170C Laughing Lola Complements Dimensional Elements 

X7170B Laughing Lola Paper Packet 

Z3006 Lollydoodle Assortment 

G1078 Lollydoodle Kit Workshops on the Go® 

X7183C Lollydoodle My Stickease® Assortment 

X7183B Lollydoodle Paper Packet 

G1080 Lollydoodle Workshops on the Go® Cardmaking Kit 

Z1879 ProPlayer Assortment 

X7172C ProPlayer My Stickease® Assortment 

X7172B ProPlayer Paper Packet 

Z1873 Sarita Assortment 

X7171C Sarita My Stickease® Assortment 

X7171B Sarita Paper Packet 

Z3000 Skylark Assortment 

X7177C Skylark Dimensional Elements Complements 

G1072 Skylark Kit Workshops on the Go® 

X7177B Skylark Paper Packet 

Z3005 Timberline Assortment 

G1077 Timberline Kit Workshops on the Go® 

X7182C Timberline My Stickease® Assortment 

X7182B Timberline Paper Packet 

Exclusive Colors – Cardstock, Stamp Pads, Re-Inkers, Markers 

Retiring Colors: Buttercup, Blush, Twilight, Crème Brulee, Sky 

Item # Description 

Z2400 Marker Set: Twilight 

Z2401 Marker Set: Crystal Blue 

Z2402 Marker Set: Sky 

Z2403 Marker Set: Juniper 

Z2404 Marker Set: Sweet Leaf 

Z2405 Marker Set: Buttercup 

Z2406 Marker Set: Creme Brulee 

Z2407 Marker Set: Sorbet 

Z2408 Marker Set: Blush 

Z2409 Marker Set: Smoothie 

Z2410 Marker Set: Gypsy 

Z2411 Marker Set: Pacifica 

Z2412 Marker Set: Lagoon 

Z2413 Marker Set: Topiary 

Z2414 Marker Set: Pear 

Z2415 Marker Set: Honey 

Z2416 Marker Set: Sunset 

Z2417 Marker Set: Cotton Candy 

Z2418 Marker Set: Hollyhock 

Z2419 Marker Set: Cranberry 

Z2420 Marker Set: Smokey Plum 

Z2421 Marker Set: Outdoor Denim 

Z2422 Marker Set: Indian Corn Blue 

Z2423 Marker Set: Ponderosa Pine 

Z2424 Marker Set: New England Ivy 

Z2425 Marker Set: Olive 

Z2426 Marker Set: Goldrush 

Z2427 Marker Set: Autumn Terracotta 

Z2428 Marker Set: Barn Red 

Z2429 Marker Set: Ruby 

Z2430 Marker Set: Black 

Z2431 Marker Set: Slate 

Z2432 Marker Set: Whisper

Z2206 Reinker Blush 

Z2210 Reinker Buttercup 

Z2260 Reinker Twilight 

Z2267 Reinker Crème Brulee 

Z2294 Reinker Sky

Stamp Pads
Z2106 Stamp Pad Blush 

Z2110 Stamp Pad Buttercup 

Z2160 Stamp Pad Twilight 

Z2167 Stamp Pad Crème Brulee 

Z2194 Stamp Pad Sky 

Z2500 Whimsy Mini Pigment Set 

Z4133 Marker Tower

1271 Cardstock12x12Buttercup 

X5640 Cardstock12x12Blush 

X5666 Cardstock12x12Twilight 

X5754 Cardstock12x12CremeBrulee 

X5761 Cardstock 12x12 Sky 

X5936 Whimsy Cardstock Combo 

Z1801 Alcohol Blending Marker 

Stamp Sets 

Item # Description 

A1130 Quick Cards-Bountiful Season 

A1143 Teddy Bear Birthday 

A1144 Birthday Cheer 

A1145 Flowering Thanks 

A1158 Doodle Signs 

A1160 This Is Good 

B1407 School Is Here 

B1411 Greek Alphabet 

B1425 Stitched with Love 

B1426 Pick a Posy 

B1446 Some Bunny 

B1447 A Mother's Love 

B1448 My Hero 

B1451 Enjoy the Little Things 

C1473 Remarkable Wreath 

C1510 Merry & Bright 

C1524 Words of Comfort 

C1555 Count Your Blessings 

C1563 Cityscape 

C1572 On Holiday (Australia Only) 

D1483 Glory To God 

D1514 Just a Number 

D1551 Swirls Around 

D1557 Candyland 

D1564 Maximum Power 

D1583 Unicorn Dreams
Would you like to see NEW PRODUCTS from Close To My Heart 

Why not join me at my annual Fall Open House? J  
I always have specials for those that attend AS WELL AS those that are long distance!! 

acorn and leavesSAVE THE DATE
Thursday, August 7th from 6-9:30pm
Friday, August 8th from 12-5pm

& watch for more DETAILS to come!!

Blessings to you for BEAUTIFUL day!!!

Krista Hershberger J


  1. Is the stamp set D1483 Glory to God still available?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Ina,
      The Glory to God has retired and is not available. I can check around with fellow consultants if it's something you are interested in? Please email me at and we can communicate that way.

  2. Hello, I am looking for the Glory To God stamp set also.. Is there any way you could notify me if you find one? Thank You.. Rachel

    1. Hi Rachel...if you could contact me through email, that would be wonderful! :) I don't know of any at the moment, but I will do my best to find you this stamp set. My email address is fun2stampnscrap ThankS!


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