Saturday, November 26, 2011

Preserving Lasting Beach Memories with Studio J

I wanted to share a few more Studio J layouts with you!!!  I was soooo excited when this box arrived on my door step TODAY!  I couldn't WAIT to share these with you because the layouts turned out even BETTER in person!!! Yayy!!!  I love those kinds of surprises! 

With these Studio J layouts, I took extra time on these layouts because I wanted to experiment! J My experiment was to take 3 totally DIFFERENT paper packs and change the colors of the papers in these packs to coordinate with my 3 pages of themed pictures. J

These pictures are all about a BEACH trip we did this past summer.  When you look at these layouts, take notice of the picture of what the original paper pack looks like.  Then you will want to take notice of the pattern designs of that paper pack that are still a part of my layout.  Notice I changed those patterned designs into colors I was using in my beach theme in order to coordinate my 3 2 page layouts together!!!  How COOL is that?!?!

I LOVE that with Studio J you can use ANY COLOR (yes ANY) of our 60 exclusive colors on all of the layouts you create!!!!  So, the pattern of the paper is there, but I can turn that pattern into the colors I want to match my pictures! J

This is the first layout…

I used the Member’s Only paper pack called "Manmade"

and the 2 page layout design called “Dramatic Fashion”. 

Can you see how I rotated the right side of my layout and took away 3 squares on the left page to create my own twist to this design? J
Don’t forget – with Studio J, anytime there is a journaling box…you can change that box into a photo well!!! On the top right page of the sketch, the darker green square WAS a journaling box on my layout, but I made it into a photo well!!! Yayy!!! I LOVE options!  

SECOND Layout…

Does this paper pack and print design look familiar to anyone?  This is a past paper pack that is now only available in Studio J.  It is called “Moondoogie”. 
This is a wonderful beach paper pack – but I still did some color changing with this paper set.  I used the colors, desert sand, cranberry, crystal blue and sky in this 2 page layout.

For the layout design of this 2 page spread – I used a “Member’s Only” layout called “Bird’s Eye View”. 
I love that half circle on the page…it adds that little bit of extra! J

A new item I came up with on this layout was  stacking Stickease together! Notice the large hibiscus flower on the left page of my layout?   Did you notice that it looks like there are layers of stickers under it? 
Look at this picture to the right showing you all of the available Medium Stickease with the Moondoogie pack…(don't worry, you have LOADS more of Stickease to work with! This is just the medium section)

I used the greenery/flower sticker twice- just stacking them on top of each other.  Then I used the first purple/red hibiscus and placed that on top of the greens giving me hibiscus leaves coming out from under my Flower!!  Fun, FUN!!! 

The third layout…

Does this layout design look familiar? J 
Yes – you GOT IT!!– I used the SAME layout design (Bird’s Eye View) as I did in my layout up above... BUT I rotated both pages and by doing that it gives this 2 page spread a whole new look!!!

Can you see what paper pack I used?  It’s one of our new paper packs…Elemental!!!!  Here is what Elemental looks like in it’s true colors…

I changed the original colors on this layout to the garden green, cranberry, dessert sand, crystal blue and Lagoon.

The FUN surprise I had when creating this layout…the Stickease section of Elemental had soooo many images that are not available in our current Idea Book!!!  I LOVE the extras that Studio J gives us!!  More Stickease is just one of the FEW areas this happens!  
I LOVE the cranberry flowers as a stickease, and I made sure a few were added onto my layout.  Here is a picture of a few other medium stickease you will find as part of the Elemental Stickease Studio J collection.  See the adorable flower stem you can use...and a cupcake, and a butterfly...

If you are interested in learning more about Studio J, please CLICK HERE to go to a post earlier this week that will share details about how YOU can “Play for FREE” with Studio J . 

OR if you already know all the details and would like to CREATE with Sudio J -just head over to my website by clicking here!!!

Happy Crafting! J

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