Wednesday, November 2, 2011

We are sooo blessed!

I am so excited that we FINALLY have electric in our home again!!! :)  Yayy!!!

What an interesting 4 days we have had here at our home!!!  Today, we as a family are very THANKFUL for the "extras" that we have in this part of the country and world! 

We had an October snowstorm, here in eastern PA...something that doesn't happen very often. :)  The snowstorm was on Sat., Oct 29th and we received 10-11 INCHES of snow!!!  Since there were still leaves on the trees, and it was a VERY heavy snow - we lost power around 10:30 that morning. 
My poor lilac bush :(  It will never be the same.
Trees with leaves and SNOW????

We did have bottled water prepared ahead of time that we used to wash hands and flush the toilets a few times, but as it rolled around to Sunday night and we still didn't have electric, we knew we needed to find a generator somewhere. 

We called the electric company on Sunday morning and had found out that they expected everyone to have power again by Friday, Nov. 4th.  Yikes!!! That is quite a long time! :) 

We borrowed an extra generator from our neighbors (they were not using it) and then headed to my parents house to pick up their generator.
Thanks Dad! :)

Late Sunday night, we plugged in Dad's generator into the main system in our house...we now had heat! :)

It was fun (at times) and we created memories that will last forever! :)

Monopoly by candlelight....

Eating out with gift certificate :)... Sheetz's here we come!

Grilling meals...
Eric is a GREAT griller :)...this time he made biscuits to go along with our eggs & bacon. :)

It's been quite a journey, especially since our family does On-line Homeschool - LOL...but we made it through! 

We are thanking the Lord that we received electric TWO days earlier than expected!!! :)  Yayy!!!

Hope you are enjoying your day!!!

Blessings :)

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  1. Wow! Your picture of the trees along the road is beautiful! Glad you have electricity now. It's always a little fun at first.... but then it gets old I'm sure. :)


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