Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Scrap Basket (with leftover Cricut snowflake pieces!)

I have mentioned in a past post about a “Scrap Basket” that I stumbled across…I’m excited to share how I came to create this basket! J 

For most of my gatherings these past few months, we created a winter card using one of the snowflakes from the Cricut Art Philosophy Cartridge by Close To My Heart.  I was blessed to have a multitude of home parties, so that means I cut out a LOT of snowflakes! J 

Here is the card we created (along with a coordinating 2 page layout J)…
wonderland layout and cards gathering

and HERE is the scrap paper that was leftover after cutting the snowflakes…
scrap basket cut out
It bothered me to throw this paper away – even though most of the paper was cut and not useable.  I know some of you are able to toss a sheet of paper away when it looks like this…not me.  I cut off the ends of the 2 sides and then looked at the negative space of the snowflakes wondering what I could do with them.  After a day of that “scrap” sheet sitting on my table…I would then throw it in the trash can since there was really nothing you could do with those inside pieces, right? 

Well, that continued UNTIL…(drum roll please J )

ONE DAY – I was folding the paper and an idea came to me. 

Why not cut out that extra inside of the snowflakes?  Could I turn it into “something”?

scrap basket piecesI cut out the “insides” of the snowflakes…

scrap basket glue dot

and then got some glue dots to glue the corners together!!!!  

Hmm, that kind of looks like a basket!!! J 

scrap basket stampedJPGLet’s see, how about if we  stamp something on the outside of the basket…

and make a handle…

This is really FUN!!! 

Yayy!!! Look what we created!!!
scrap basket twilight

What a FUN basket to add little treats too!!! 
Here are three different ways to create these baskets…scrap baskets - all 3

scrap basket complete

I used this basket as a small gift to a first time workshop attendee!  I wanted to give her something because the rest of the attendees were part of my monthly club and I was giving them a small Christmas gift. 

I hope this has inspired you and encouraged you to take a look at your leftover pieces! LOL!!! You never know what those SCRAPS may turn into!!! J

Happy Creating!!!!


  1. What wonderful eyes! So grateful for your creativity!


  2. Krista that is so awesome. I'm the one who would be one to put that scrap paper in the recycling bin, but now I'll have to give it another thought!


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