Thursday, September 18, 2014

Artfully Sent~ Key Z

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I received the NEW Artfully Sent Cricut cartridge and….
OH WOW!!!!!
I can't even BEGIN to tell you all this cartridge can do!!

I wondered if I was you, would I want to see a picture of the actual book?  Of course - silly!!! LOl!!! 

Artfully Sent_flower swing card_key Z_seaside_DSC_0474

But FIRST…let’s take a look at a simple (5 minutes to create- simple) card that I created from this key!!

Simple it is!! 
There is SO MUCH more you could do to this card, but I chose to use the Seaside Paper Pack & Bamboo cardstock. 

I stamped the words on the card using the Lovely Birthday stamp set & I used the new Scoreboard (LOVE the features of CTMH’s board!) to raise up lines on the bamboo colored insert.


Here’s the INSIDE of the card…
Artfully Sent_flower swing card_openup_key Z_seaside_DSC_0474

Now let’s take a look at the page that shows the Z key!! 
YES ~ these images/shapes are all included in just one key!!
Arfully Sent_Key Z_fall 2014
Take a look at the top row - the Pop-Up & Icon keys are made to be used ALL together to create one POP-UP card.  The card is shown at the top left of the booklet in red/pink color.  (However, I use the pieces for other things too! :))

The 2nd row - Scene key - You need to set your dial size at 7” & then you can cut out the 2 items on the scene key & the scene+shift key.  This will create the card shown on the left. (This is the card I created above.) 

******As with ALL items on these keys…the suggested cutting size is listed in the booklet, but you do not have to stick to that.  For my card above, I did NOT cut it at the recommended 7” size - instead, I sized it down to 6”.  I knew there was not a lot of “delicate” Cricut cutting, so I could reduce the size without any problems. *******

2nd row - Sentiment function key....these are TWO different cards. ****Notice for this function key***

The 1st card (no shift) is a 5x7 card (size dial is set at 7") & the "shift" + Sentiment is a 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 size card....a BORDER card in this case....
Arfully Sent_Key Z_fall 2014
3rd row of function keys....
SLEEVE function - 6" card is a sleeve card - perfect to create a pull out invitation OR a use it to give away a 4x6 photo!  A photo fits perfectly inside!!

SHIFT + SLEEVE function key - this is a 5x7 overlay card, that is a “normal” 5x7 card that has a pattern cut on the front of the card. 

POCKET CARD function key - Take note that you will need to set your size dial according to sizes listed next to EACH function key.

With this function key you will be able to cut out 4x6 & 4x3 pocket type cards!!! I LOVE the possibilities with these handy, dandy cards!!!  They can be used as scrapbook accessories, OR a great way to use to decorate cards & 3d projects too!!
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Blessings to you for a BEAUTIFUL day!!!

Krista J
Director, CTMH Independent Consultant

Call/Text: 610-587-9116

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