Wednesday, October 14, 2015

We WELCOME Close To My Heart!

Let’s take a moment & Check out October’s Special!!!

This adorable bag(shown in the picture) was our CONVENTION bag this past year…and it is keeper for SURE!!  Only those of us that attended the CTMH 2015 Convention received this bag….it is NOT available for purchase.  It’s a GREAT size….14 x 13 x 3 and fits crafty projects perfectly. J

Yes – this EXCLUSIVE, ADORABLE bag can be YOURS as an EXTRA, FREE item when you become a part of my CTMH team this month. J Wahoo!!!! 

The fall is the perfect season to join J….just in time for the holidays as everyone (ourselves included) are thinking about gifts to give others!

So YES – you DO get the adorable bag for FREE when you join my “Create 4 Him” CTMH Family  in October….BUT first, let’s check out the BEAUTIFUL NEW, revamped Consultant kit that you will receive as well!!


Do you see the GORGEOUS, NEW, PRETTY box this consultant kit now arrives in???

Our Close To My Heart consultant kits have had a MAKE OVER….and they are BEAUTIFUL!!! 

I have a Consultant kit in hand right now J….so  on a side note….if you’d like to SEE this in person –you can stop  by OR we can Skype or use Google hang out to see it in person too!!  Let’s set up a time that works for you!! 

You will be AMAZED at all the items that are INCLUDED with this New Consultant Kit!!!   The retail value of the kit is OVER $445!!! 

So, what is the Consultant sign up cost???
ONLY $129!!!!   Wahoo!!!
PLUS on Oct 1st, we also began our NEW Straight To The Top (STTT) program!!!

The STTT program is a GREAT way to earn EXTRA GOODIES as you start your CTMH journey as a new consultant!!! 

You can receive SPECIAL incentive rewards based on your personal sales totals during the first 90 days as a Consultant!!  When you reach certain amounts of commissionable sales with the specified time frame, YOU will EARN rewards!!!

Sounds WONDERFUL doesn’t it? J
We all love to get MORE free goodies J….and CTMH has a GREAT way we can do that as we begin as a new consultant at Close To My Heart! 

Let’s check out a few of these STTT details….

As a NEW Consultant….
~~~Sell $250 in your first 30 days – get the set of 3 EXCLUSIVE stamp sets for FREE!

~~~Sell an additional $400 within 60 days (cumulative total of $650) and get the ADORABLE “on the go” zipper bag& heart charm!!

~~~Within 90 days of being a new consultant, sell an additional $550 (cumulative total of $1200) and get this BEAUTIFUL CTMH logo t-shirt as a gift to congratulate you!

What AMAZING rewards…and GREAT incentives you can receive as you start with Close To My Heart!!! 
The best part – you can earn ANY of these 3 items, even if you didn’t earn the previous one in the specified time. So if you missed the 1st level, you still have a chance to earn levels 2 & 3 J  YAY!!!!   

However  (a BIG however J ) -  if you DO earn all 3 levels of STTT in the specified timeframe, you will ALSO EARN this BONUS gift

Check out this CTMH medium organizer LOADED with over $150 worth of product that will be YOURS for FREE when you reach these 3 goals listed above!!!

PLUS, as your TEAM leader…I also would like to AWARD you when you reach your STTT goal of $1200 in your first 90 days as a consultant. 

So…as YOUR REWARD from me, you can choose one of our Workshop On The Go scrapbooking or Cardmaking kits of your choice!! Just another extra goodie to CELEBRATE your ACCOMPLISHMENT! J  Wahoo!

I can HARDLY stay seated as I write J….I’m SO EXCITED for this OPPORTUNITY for YOU and the WONDERFUL timing it is, just in time for the holidays!! 

I never IMAGINED myself staying with CTMH for the 9 years I’ve already been here…and now I can’t imagine leaving! J  What I treasure most is the many FRIENDSHIPS I’ve made through consultants and customers….it’s hard to think about these people, not being a part of my life.  I’m SO THANKFUL to Jesus for the gift of craftsmanship that he’s given me.  May I continue to remember that it’s by HIS GRACE that I have achieved all the “extras” that came as part of my CTMH journey. J

Personally, I started out as a CTMH hobbyist (to get my goodies at a discount because I LOVED CTMH products), and it has now become more than I ever dreamed!!!

 I know at any time I CAN choose to step back, and take a breather….or I can choose to dig in a little deeper & see what else CTMH has in store for me–the JOYS of having a home business.  J

I WELCOME you to join me in this journey J ….with CTMH being a debt free company; we have no worries of being cast aside!  The CTMH team is TRULY a family and I am thankful & grateful for all that they have brought into my life.

If you still have questions after reading this, I’m here to answer them! J  OR - if it’s easier, feel free to go to my BLOG (address below) & click on the “join my CTMH family” tab at the top of my blog page to learn more. 

I’d love to have you join our family here at Close To My Heart!! J

 My team of ladies is a FUN Group & we LOVE to share ideas with each other through our Conference calls, Facebook page, or through email, texting & phone calls J 

Already know this is the DEAL for you?
 CLICK HERE to get started!! 

It would be a JOY to have you be apart of our team as we continue to share together in our papercrafting hobby!! 
Why not give Close To My Heart a try & get a DISCOUNT on these AMAZING products while doing so? 

We WELCOME YOU to our “Create 4 Him” family!!J

 I look forward to talking with you soon!!

Krista Hershberger J
Celebrating 9 years with Close To My Heart!
The perfect place for ALL of your Scrapbooking, Stamping, & Papercrafting Needs!

ADDRESS: 359 Warwick Road , Elverson , PA 19520
PHONE/TEXT: 610-587-9116

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