Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Gifts from Close To My Heart!!!

A HUGE thank you to Close To My Heart for their generous gifts to each of us on the Caribbean Cruise!! 

EVERY DAY, we received a new gift in our room - often right after dinnertime.  After dinner each night, my friend and I would wonder “what awaits us in our room tonight?” J

It has been 2 weeks since I arrived home, and every time I look at these gifts, I am AMAZED at how special they are!!!  Close To My Heart does a FABULOUS job of making you feel EXTRA special! J

THANK YOU Close To My Heart!!! 

Take a look at these FABULOUS gifts!!!

Day 1-Chocolate covered strawberries and beautifully designed Sunglasses
strawberries day 1 DSC_1582

sunglasses day 1 DSC_1625

Day 2- Jewelry Roll and Tote Bag
jewelry roll and tote day 2 DSC_0299

Day 3- Embroidered Beach Towel
beach towel day 3 DSC_1862

Day 4- Logo Lunch box, and Glass water bottle
lunch bag and water bottle_day 4

Day 5- Close To My heart flip flops, one pair for ME and a pair for my guest
flip flops - day 5_DSC_1723

Day 6- Plate of Chocolate Covered Strawberries
choc covered strawberrries day 6_DSC_1781

Day 7 - Beautiful, beaded watch
watch braclet day 7_DSC_0302

After seeing these gifts, you realize how much CTMH cares about the people that represent them and their wonderful company!!! 

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Blessings to you for a BEAUTIFUL day!!!!
Krista J

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