Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Costa Rica with Close To My Heart

DSC_0471What an AMAZING trip!  A relaxing, rejuvenating time for my husband & I.  We are so thankful this opportunity that CTMH allows us to earn and a HUGE thank you that support me through CTMH!!! 

I am so grateful & so blessed by your continued support!! Thank you!!!

Come join me as I share a peek into our Costa Rica Trip of 2014!J

One of the highlights of the trip…we receive gifts each day!  Talk about being pampered! LOL!!!  What FUN!!! 

The packages were tied with ribbons & they all included a poem that gave you a hint of what was inside.  I looked forward to reading these poems each night! 
Costa Rica_daily gifts

The Westin Playa Conchal resort was beautiful!  There were so many flowers, animals, birds, landscaping that allowed us to just relax and enjoy.
costa rica 067DSC_2325

Our room was fabulous…we could have stayed in there the whole time!  With our sitting area, dining area, bedroom & bath - we really felt extra special with the royal treatment!! 

DSC_2266 DSC_0014
We HAD TO use our dining room table, so we called room service quite often.  We loved that we could receive a plate of fresh fruit anytime of the day or night!

Of course there were many restaurants to choose from too!!  We didn't get to all the restaurants…but the Bamboo, Asian restaurant, was our favorite! 

We had access to the public beach, right from the resort! 
There were vendors to “greet” us J as we walked onto the beach, massages on the beach for ONLY $20 (we opted to pass this time)…but if we ventured a bit farther away, we were in our own little world.

Most of the resort attendees, liked to be by the beautiful pool…Westin_Piscina2

however, we ended up being at the beach instead of the pool the entire week! 
Whether we were at the beach during the afternoon, evening or early morning- we always enjoyed hearing the crashing of waves, the gurgling of water, the shells rubbing together in the tide - we enjoyed being surrounded by God’s creation and realizing once again what an AWESOME, MIGHTY, CREATIVE God we serve!

We choose to go on a few excursions, outside of the resort, throughout our week in Costa Rica.J

Our 1st trip was the Palo Verde tour - a boat ride to see the famous crocodiles, birds, iguanas, etc. 

I was THRILLED we also got to see macaw’s in the wild!!!  Beautiful!
Macaws_flying_Palo Verde tour DSC_0197

On another day, we went on the Mega Combo tour…this was my favorite excursion out of the 2 we did.

The day ran from 8:30-5:30 and it included: Zip lining, horseback riding, 400 m. waterslide (4 football fields long!) lunch, volcanic mud bath & natural hot springs.  

DSC_0462 - CroppedDSC_0467DSC_0551DSC_0594DSC_0724DSC_0736DSC_0747DSC_0755DSC_0764

Here is a group picture of all 68 Incentive Trip Earners & 
the CTMH executive team!!
Costa Rica Earners

THANK YOU Close To My Heart for having this incentive trip available for us as consultants to earn!!  I have been to so many places in this world, that I never imagined I would go!  

I am so thankful & blessed and give Jesus the praise for allowing me to earn these trips!  My daily prayer is that I would continue to use the gifts he has given me to serve Him in all that I do!  J

Blessings to EACH of you!
Krista J

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  1. What an awesome trip, Krista! So happy that you and your husband were able to go! :)


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