Thursday, January 15, 2015

Valentine’s Day Waterfall card

Good day to each of you! I’m excited to share with you today some cards created by my fellow, CTMH consultants! 

I recently was a part of a swap - where we created 3 cards using either our NEW Heartstrings or Hopscotch paper pack…and then we would receive 3 cards in return!!

Here are the cards I created for the swap…
Heartstrings_valentines_cards DSC_1614
you can CLICK HERE to read the details in creating them.

Swaps are the PERFECT way to get a sampling of NEW goodies, and see many new ideas from my designing friends!

Today, I wanted to show you a Waterfall Card that fellow consultant Evon Fuerst created. 

Waterfall card_by Evon Fuerst_KM swap_DSC_1671

It was so neat to see her card when it arrived…I haven’t made a waterfall card in such a long time!!

Maybe this is the first time you have seen this type of card?

It’s an interactive card, and can be used in many different ways, for many different occasions! 

Let’s take a peek at what happens when you start to pull the tab at the bottom that has the pixie colored extra thick twine…
Heartstrings Swap_waterfall card_Evon Fuerst_PicMonkey Collage

See how she created a different square for each part of the pulled tab?  There is a total of 4 squares that are filled.

Can you see the possibilities?  This card was created with Valentine’s Day in mind, however…why not create a birthday card, or maybe a card with animals for a child’s get well card? 

Since it’s Thursday today - why don’t we do a “Throwback Thursday” using CTMH products. J

Here is a waterfall card I created….long, LONG ago! (or so it seems)
Fun Times waterfall front 5-08

When I did a search in my CTMH files for a waterfall card, this card appeared…this was one of my favorite stamp sets!!

Here is the inside view...
Fun Times Waterfall 2 watermarkFun Times waterfall 3 watermarkFun Times waterfall 4 watermark

Also during my file search….another picture of a waterfall card appeared…and it was actually created last month!!

This card uses our Confetti Wishes paper pack & the Dec SOTM stamp set “Cutie Pie”.  I did not mark down the consultants name who created this…so please let me know if it’s you!
Cupcake Waterfall Card 1
So, are you headed to your craft room to create your own Waterfall card?

  I hope so…and I would LOVE to see your creations! J  
Feel free to comment below OR why not join my CTMH Business facebookpage! 

Please feel free to post any of your Creations on that FB page!  I love to see what everyone is creating in their craft rooms! J

Blessings to you for a beautiful day!
Krista Hershberger J

January 2015_specials_FB_MY info_PicMonkey Collage

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