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Close To My Heart consultant event–Workshops Your Way

We’ve just returned from another FABULOUS event held by the Close To My Heart home office!!! This event was all about “Workshops Your Way” program…yes it is a NEW PRODUCT coming our way!!  J
workshop your way image

I LOVE the perks of being a consultant….December is always a “preview” month here at CTMH.  That means that we as consultants get to see BRAND NEW goodies EARLY…that you, our friends & customers, will see on the release date of January 1st, 2016.

I thought I’d take a moment, and share what this 3 hour event was all about. 

2015-12-5_WYW_base and bling_ornament_set of 3 on tree_DSC_0727We actually turned this event into an all day event.  Three hours is great… but I hadn’t connected with so many of my CTMH friends in a long time, so we decided to arrive early to do lunch, and get situated in the room prior to our 1pm start time. Yay!!!

I was excited to create a little goodie for all of “my girls” (team) that were in attendance that day…..a Christmas ornament created with our Base & Bling jewelry line!!!  I’ve created a separate blog post about how to create these ornaments. Check here after Dec 10th for details and instructions on how to create these ornaments. 

I also handed out a BRAND NEW copy of the upcoming Seasonal Expressions 1 book to each of “my girls” since many of them had not yet held this mini-book in person… FUN!!!! (Make sure come to my Open House at the end of January for your FREE copy! More Details here)

It was such a JOY to see so many of my CTMH consultant friends!! From Virginia, New York, and close by too…these gals gave beautiful handmade goodies just for saying Hi!!  Thank you ladies for the fun treats….it made the day all the more special!!

2015-12-5_WYW_Monica_DSC_0736Then it came to 1pm, and it was time to get our EVENT started!!! J

First, we were delighted to see that we had Monica Wihongi joining us at this King of Prussia, PA event!  Wahoo!! 

With our event being the largest event that was held that day (there were 10 different locations across North America with a total of 1000 consultants in attendance) we were honored to have Monica join us here!

Monica has been with the company for over 25 years & is the COO of Close To My Heart!  She is very knowledgeable, kind & caring to everyone she meets….and represents so well how all of the people are at CTMH Home Office.  We are so thankful & feel so blessed to have a company that cares so much about their consultants!!


When we arrived, each of us consultants had a COMPLETE WYW kit at our space!!!  Monica shared the details of the new Workshops Your Way (WYW) program with us as consultants.  We learned the benefits, options to make it work for YOU (our customers) and the unique aspect of the perks of this new program. (You’ll learn all about it after Jan 1st!)

Here is my team of girls  that were in King of Prussia for the day (15 of them were able to attend).
2015-12-5_team tables_WYW_2015-12-5_DSC_0747
I’m so thankful for the DETAILED information we receive as consultants!  The other amazing aspect of being a part of the CTMH family is how they always LISTEN to their consultants (not just at these events, but ALL of the time!)  Yes, truly listen- AND….they will often make changes according to what we as consultants suggest!!

2015-12-5_WYW_carol and arlene_DSC_0750After Monica’s time of sharing, we had our CREATING time!!! 

We created the COMPLETE set of the Charlotte WYW kit!!  This includes 3 sets of 2 page layouts (6 pages), 9 cards & 2 pages of pocket scrapbooking!!

We chatted as we crafted, and enjoyed our time of catching up together.  We also went to our stamping station & we had a chance to try out our new “thin cuts” (metal die cuts) too!! Watercoloring is all the rage –and Monica showed us some great tips for when we watercolor! 

Of course there were some GREAT prize giveaways, and I was very surprised that near the end of our time together, Monica mentioned the Challenges that took place at Convention 2015 this past year. 

So, let’s back up a week or so….I was surprised to receive an email from CTMH Home Office last week, sharing that my name was pulled as a WINNER for the Sales Challenge that was offered at Convention!!  They said items would be shipped to me the following week – 

WELL….imagine my surprise when Monica mentioned my name at the WYW event & told me my PRIZE was right in the room!!!!  So blessed & amazed that my name was the one pulled to win this AMAZING prize!!  Thank you CTMH!!! 

charlotte_wyw_cards-up closeWhat did I win???? J I won THREE completed Workshop Your Way kits!!  Yes, all the layouts, cards created and put together for me - ready to share with my customers & use these samples for my monthly workshops!!!  WOW!!!! Here is just a sample of the Charlotte WYW cards that can be created with this kit!!

2015-12-5_joyful stars blog hop crew_12294896_775379515923868_5898161882272808520_nIt was also a pleasure to get a GROUP picture of those of us that participate in the Joyful Stars Blog Hop! 
This hop takes place on the 9th of every month at 9pm.  So you’ll want to check out what items we’ve created each and every month!!

I hope you enjoyed this SNEAK PEEK of what this consultant event was all about and just ONE of the extra perks we receive as CTMH consultants!  Friendships are truly what makes it GREAT to be a part of this family...and then stick in the creative aspect of it - all the previews, discount pricing & you can even CHOOSE to make money at this too - it's really up to you!!! 

If you’d like to learn MORE about being apart of our CTMH family & how you could join us – CLICK HERE.
2016 Consultant Kit contentsWe welcome anyone & everyone to come join us & see what CTMH is all about!!  They just released a BEAUTIFUL NEW Consultant kit on Dec 1st…so yes – it’s BRAND NEW!! 

Why not check it out, and give CTMH a try!!  It’s the Perfect time of the year to join in on the Crafting fun!!!   I welcome YOU to join my “Create 4 Him” family! J

Blessings to you for a BEAUTIFUL day!!
Krista Hershberger J
Close To My Heart Independent Consultant
clip_image002Celebrating 9 years with Close To My Heart!
The perfect place for ALL of your Scrapbooking, Stamping, & Papercrafting Needs!

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