Wednesday, January 18, 2017

2017 Spring "Kickoff Catalog Celebration" - Open House

Join me at my

Close To My Heart 
Spring 2017 Open House J

Wahoo!!!  It's 
Spring 2017 Open House is coming up SOON!!

So many ANNOUNCEMENTS & UPDATES have been happening on my Facebook page - and I will continue to post daily items feel free to JOIN me!! J

ALL of you are WELCOME to join me in  this Open House Celebration!!

You can join me in PERSON - or join me  online 
There's something for EVERYONE, if you attend in-person OR online! :) 
Check out the DATES & times to Join me!!

With ANY order placed on my WEBSITE ( or in person during my Open House event (January 23-28, 2017)- you will receive OUR BEAUTIFUL new Seasonal Expression #1 mini-book for FREEJ
(and some MORE special goodies from me personally - see below)

Make sure to JOIN the 
"Kickoff Catalog Celebration" party link to qualify!  

All Open House orders WILL be for January Specials ONLY!!!!

Click here for details on these specials....

I WILL be PLACING all Open House orders on January 30th. 

Also - MAKE SURE you RSVP for my Open House ....and you will be entered into this NEW embellishment drawing!!  Wahoo!!! J

If you don't have Facebook....RSVP by clicking HERE & find my contact info....OR ....
click on the link below, and RSVP on the Facebook Event page!

NEW PRODUCT for FREE at my a special THANK YOU to you! :)

With your CTMH qualifying order, you will receive these goodies listed below for FREE....AND
EVEN if you can't be in attendance this special STILL applies!!! 
(I LOVE to bless you these extra goodies  a couple times during the year!Yay!!!)

You can EARN TICKETS for YOUR chance to win door prizes J....
how do you earn tickets?  

Here is this SPRING's Ticket chart!! Check it out! 

.you don't have to ATTEND to QUALIFY for these tickets!!

Coming today = contacting me during the 3 day Open House event
Brought a friend that's new = having a NEW friend contact me online or by phone!
Attend a Workshop Class = ordering your workshop class online & having it shipped directly to you.
Book a Home Gathering = Having an online, facebook or BOOK party!

ANYONE can earn tickets!!!  Wahooo!!!

There are many FUN SURPRISES, & exciting events happening at my Open House event!!!

(for example- USED stamp sets for ONLY $5 each!!) 

STAY TUNED for more details arriving up until Open House's always FUN to add more goodies as I think of them ;)!

JOIN my 
Facebook EVENT page to stay up with the latest HERE....'ll want to check out 
my BLOG frequently for updates too! :)

I look forward to having you JOIN with ME  in my FUN specials that are taking place at my Open House event!!  I can't wait to hear from you....and I look forward to hearing from you or seeing you soon!!  J

Then, on SATURDAY - we are going to try something NEW!! :) 

Join me for the ALL day crop!! 
Let's end this "Kickoff Catalog Celebration" with a BANG!!!

The FACEBOOK event page with MORE DETAILS can be found at.....
PLEASE NOTE:....instead of a 3rd email - I wanted to post these upcoming events here!!!

I've updated the TAB called "Upcoming Events & Workshops" on my blog! :)

Those of you that check my blog on your mobile is a tip.
You may not see the tabs that are normally at the TOP of my blog on your phone.
So make sure to FIND those tabs on your mobile device, because there are some GREAT tabs with LOTS of info at the top of my blog on a web page! :)

Click on the photo below to go directly to this link...
Have a BEAUTIFUL day & a wonderful week!!!

I'm headed to Utah on Thursday for a Team Leadership event....and can't WAIT to share goodies with you when I return! :) 
Blessings to each of you!
Krista Hershberger J
clip_image002Celebrating 10 years with Close To My Heart!
Call/Text: 610-587-9116
As always, feel free to 
CLICK HERE to go directly to my website 24/7 and have your CTMH items shipped directly to your door step!!

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