Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Price Increase...order BEFORE August 1st!

***Price Increase coming August 1st ****

Close To My Heart was gracious enough to let us know that there WILL be price increases this coming Idea Book - beginning August 1st! 

The reason for the price increase??? 
There has been an increase on plastic products in the industry, and while CTMH has held off as long as they can, they now need to implement the costs they are being charged. 

CTMH also left us know that the "new" ink pads SHOULD be increasing in price, but since they are such a new item, and they do not want to discourage anyone from purchasing this brand new magnetic closure, ink pad...they will hold off on this price increase until the next 2018 Annual Inspirations Idea Book release.

*****THANK YOU Close To My Heart for caring so much about us!! 
If you have any of these items on your wish list, you may want to get them asap! 
These items are due to increase in price on August 1, make sure your orders are in before that deadline! 

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Price Increases on Current Items, due to increase Aug 1, 2017:

How to books - 9035 make it from heart vol #1 and #2 +$1.00
Memory protectors + 1.00 & 2.00
Memory protectors Value + 4.00
All Reinkers +1.00
All glitter paper +1.00
Z3146 water color paper +1.00
Z3089 grey gems +1.00
Z3090 red gems +1.00
Z3132 watercolor paints +1.00
Z1382 tweezers +1.00
Z1204 bone folder +1.00
Z1207 rub and remove eraser +2.00
Z1836 micro scissors nonstick +2.00
Z534 micro tip scissors +2.00
Z679 liquid glass +1.00


Z5102 small organization tray +1.00
Z5104 stamp pad org tray +1.00
Z5103 marker organizer stack +1.00
Z5105 tool cubby +1.00
Z5101 large tray +2.00
Z5100 paper tray +1.00
Z334 paper 12x12 envelope +3.00
Z4138 small organizer +3.00
Z4139 med organizer +5.00
Z1834 large organizer +5.00
Z1839 tabbed dividers +1.00
Z4137 craft boxes +1.00
Z1897 dauber foam insert +1.00
Z1898 pigment ink inserts +1.00
Z4140 craft boxes foam insert +1.00
Z4141 blocks foam insert +1.00
Z3106 mini stamp organizers +2.00
Z1038 my acrylic organizer +1.00

Please feel free to contact me with any other questions you may have! 

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