Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Stitching with Studio J!!

If you haven’t played with Studio J in a while…
you’ll want to check out all of the NEW stitching options that  have been added to the Embellishment section!!!!

I love the look of stitching, but honestly I don’t often take the time to add the stitching to my hand crafted pages except for special occasions. With Studio J…it makes it QUITE EASY!!!

Do you see the stitched squares on this page? 
The stitched squares are already created for you, but you have the option to change the size of that square to fit around YOUR picture!!
(click on the picture to see it larger)lsnj_krista_-_1

Also, another tip we learned when creating this STudio J page…take notice of the bottom 6 square photos on the right page…
Can you see it?  Did you notice? J  These six photos are the SAME photo!!!  How cool is that?  I dropped in the same photo into all 6 squares and then enlarged each of them to 300%.  I moved the pictures so that they all matched up and ta-da….a mosaic picture!!

On the next Studio J page, I used multiple stitched lines to create  rectangles!!! 
There is not a “rectangle” stitched shape (as of yet J…my request is in!!) BUT no worries – you can create your OWN rectangle by using the single line of stitching!!!

I LOVE the cropping feature that Studio J has with Stickease and all embellishments!!!  You will see a square with a diagonal line through it…this is the cropping in button.  Just click and drag that square with diagonal line and it will crop the long line of stitching to a shorter line!!!

…and how about that circle of stitching?
This is a icon on Studio J that you DRAG onto your layout and adjust the circle to the size you need it to be!!! 

Studio J is so FUN and EASY!!!  I am AMAZED each time I receive my printed copies of Studio J…they truly look like REAL scrapbook pages and even look dimensional!!!  I LOVE it! J

If seeing these layouts above has you curious…and maybe you’d like to try out Studio J to see what’s it all about – YOU CAN!!!! 

Here is some more information regarding Studio J!!!!

How can I create my OWN Studio J pages?  Can I try it before I buy?
If you would like to learn MORE about STUDIO J, feel free to CLICK HERE where you can PLAY FOR FREE before you commit to anything!!!!  I encourage you to create an account when you “play”– this doesn’t obligate you to purchase anything BUT it DOES save your layouts for 90 days IF you chose to become a Studio J member.

To learn MORE details about Studio J, please feel free to CLICK HERE to learn more about Studio J OR call, email or text me with any questions you may have!

I do OFFER one-on-one OR group classes to teach the basics with Studio J.  We can do it in person OR online together!

Another great resource is to watch the Studio J videos that Close To My Heart creates.  These are FILLED with helpful tips and I learn something every time I watch them!!! CLICK HERE to start watching.

Happy CREATING and if you’d like to get your Studio J pages started right away…
CLICK HERE to go directly to Studio J! J

Happy Creating!!!

Email: fun2stampnscrap@dejazzd.com
NEW Website: www.ctmh.com/kristah

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